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IT Infrastructure using Cloud and Big Data
DSG Group Inc Services
Application Development using Open Source
IT Services in areas of Social Media and Mobile
We manage your hardware and software essential for keeping IT operations up and running, while you focus on your daily business. Are you leaving money on the table, but using the old servers and data centers, when you can lease them for fraction of cost using Amazon or Azure cloud services?  Have your traditional databases run out of options, when Hadoop, Mongo can scale and keep up with ever increasing data?

At DSG Group Inc, we take utmost care to provide our customers high quality services customized for their unique needs. Our staff members are professional, courteous and efficient.
We provide a variety of services including:
We do application development using custom, packages and systems integration using any technology from .NET/J2EE to modern day open sources. Are you tired of paying licensing fees every year for the features you do not need, when you can eliminate them and get advanced features from Open Source Software?
We provide IT services like web content management, web hosting, expanding distribution channels from traditional fax and phone to internet on all devices, ​etc.  Are your customers getting ahead of you and leaving you for your competitors, when you can increase retention and engagement through social media like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and be reachable on mobile and internet?

Program and project management for large initiatives
We are experts in managing large scale enterprise level multi-million dollar programs, while optimizing your PMOs, Project Management Processes and methodologies. Are you tired of hearing the same excuses for project delays like unclear requirements, low estimates, no communication, when you can bring efficiency with best practices implementations?